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Making pianos sound beautiful since 1979



Making pianos sound beautiful

That is my goal.  It has been since 1979.  It starts with a great tuning, but there is more.  Making adjustments to the tone and touch of a piano will bring out the best from both the piano and whoever plays it!


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About Me

Hello My name is Bruce

I started tuning pianos when I was in high school.  After getting my music degree, I studied with some of the best piano men of the last generation: Frank Lord, Richard Quint, and Virgil Smith.  I joined the North Shore Chapter of the Piano Technicians Guild shortly after it formed in 1982.  I have served and continue to serve as an officer in the chapter.  I was elected to serve several years on the board of our international organization.  I have served a good number of years as an officer in the PTG Foundation and am now a Director Emeritus.  Among the many awards over the years, in 2013, I was inducted into our Hall of Fame.